Why Café la Maison J.

❤︎ Café la Maison J. provides the freshest specialty coffee available on the internet which shipped the same day it's roasted.

❤︎ We actively back small ethnic coffee farmers around the world, and sells the sustainably and ethically sourced coffees from them which align with our highest standards.

❤︎ Our products are all-natural, certified organic, fair trade(FT) and follow the highest international standards such as European Processed (EP), and Strictly Hard Bean(SHB). We take the task of protecting and preserving our environment extremely seriously.

❤︎ From rich body organic berries grown in Bali, Indonesia (Bali Kintamani) to grown at a standard of 1700-1900M SHB in the Sidama region of Ethiopia (Ethiopia Sidama), there is something for everyone.

❤︎ Further more, full spectrum and meticulously crafted and roasted house special blends, plus Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia   are all blended from single origin coffees, and the best for those espresso aficionados.

 ❤︎ While full natural Swiss water®️ processed  Peru Decaf designed for those not caffeine tolerant, medium roasted Cold Brew Coffee transforms a nitro brewing to a WOW!