Our brand story

Home is where love is.❤︎

That's the origin of our brand.❤︎

Our logo image is derived from the traditional Chinese character and Japanese sinograph of home. It is a hieroglyph that is used in both ancient oriental countries to express a house or home for centuries.

The top part consists of a roof resembling "a house ",  and the lower part is portrayed like "a hog" to depict the livestock and poultry in the house.❤︎

This ancient word reminds us not only of prolific and abundant offspring, but also of the underlying happiness and peacefulness that can be found in the present.❤︎

Encompassing our attitude towards Love, Mindfulness and Happiness, there is home sweet home.❤︎

No matter what you call "home", la maison, 家(Jia) , or 家(うち, uchi), el hogar, das Zuhause.....❤︎

It is sprinkled in every sip of coffee we serve.❤︎