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How We Make Positive Impact to the Society


Giving Back ----

Our business was starting from our passion for coffee and the idea of giving feedback to society.🌟

The ultimate goal is to leave a beautiful earth to our next generations to come.

We source fair trade, organic, non toxic, and eco-friendly products to protect water resources, as well as reduce nitrate pollution underground, and less soil irrigation. Prevent from using hazardous pesticides (for the production of the products we sell) to preserve a safer environment for farmers and create a reserved habitat for wild creatures.

Ethically and sustainably sourcing is just one of the avenues to achieve our goal.

We therefore actively back and support ethnic small farmers, and those women-owned micro business. 


Social Responsibility—--

The poverty around the world has been causing thousands of hundred of children in hunger,  at the fear of violence, lack of education...and so on, and so forth.

Inevitable disasters even make those vulnerable children lose their homes.

Many of them are from the countries plant and produce our beloved coffee cherries.

We wanted to do something to help!

We've partnered up with World Vision International and World Vision US, share their value proposition, and include it as our business as usual, donate a portion of our profit to them, to contribute and bring about a time where there is no child in hunger.

Our team has been participating to their child sponsorship program for more than ten years, far before establishing our business. Through out these years we have been supporting children from Indonesia, China, Mongolia, Haiti…

We will be doing what we are doing, and hope our small steps resonate big. 

Core Value------

At the core of our ethos are values of LOVE, MINDFULNESS ans HAPPINESS. We strive to embody these principles in every aspect of our work, and sprinkle them into each cup of coffee we brew, ensuring that every sip is a warm embrace for your soul.


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