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Decaf Peru Espresso Has Highest pH Value in Our Coffees


The roast level can greatly impact the flavor profile of the brew. One common misconception is that darker roasts are always stronger and more acidic than lighter roasts.

Isn't it ?!

To get the answer every origin would need to be tested at every roast level . . . .

We did the homework and conclude :

All coffee is acidic, the varying roast levels significantly influence its acidity profile.

Coffee Roast Chart with Acidity Indicator Line on the Bottom 


What Determines Acidity in Coffee?

Acidity in coffee refers to the bright, tangy, and sometimes fruity notes that are present in the flavor profile. Contrary to popular belief, the acidity in coffee is not related to the pH level of the brew. Instead, it is influenced by the type of coffee bean, the growing conditions, and the roasting process.

Light Roast: More Acidity?

Light roast coffee beans are roasted for a shorter period of time, allowing the natural flavors of the beans to shine through. This results in a brew that is often described as bright, crisp, and acidic. The shorter roasting time preserves the natural acidity of the beans, giving light roast coffee its characteristic tangy taste.

Dark Roast: Less Acidity?

On the other hand, dark roast coffee beans are roasted for a longer period of time, which leads to the oils in the beans rising to the surface. This process can mellow out the acidity in the beans, resulting in a brew that is smoother and less acidic than a light roast. Dark roast coffee is often described as rich, bold, and full-bodied.


High pH, Low Acidity, Gentle on the Stomach

The coffees that generally cause the least stomach having the higher pH values.

From the variants we've tested and currently offer, they are in order: 

Decaf Peru Espresso

Decaf Peru 

Bali Kintamani





 🌟🌟🌟Drinkers report the best relief from GERD and Long Covid GI symptoms when they titrate Decaf Peru Espresso with Mexico to give them the caffeine they want with the least amount of stomach upset. 



While it is true that light roast coffee generally has more acidity than dark roast coffee, it is important to keep in mind that acidity is just one aspect of the overall flavor profile. Whether you prefer the bright and tangy notes of a light roast or the rich and bold flavors of a dark roast, the choice ultimately comes down to personal preference. And stomach tolerance ❤︎

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