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ORIGAMI Barrel Flavor Cup

ORIGAMI Barrel Flavor Cup

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Born with baristas' wish, ORIGAMI Barrel Flavor Cup is a well known ceramic style Mino ware (Mino-yaki), a style of ceramics that dates back over 1,000 years in Japan.

MIno-yaki requires skillful Japanese artisans using high-density, heat-retaining Japanese clay to handcraft any objects (mainly tablewares).

This meticulously designed flavor cup has its mouth bowed slightly inwards to capture the flavor like a wine barrel: to retain the aroma of coffee to the full extent.

Created without a handle to feel the warmth of the drink by your hands and to boldly express the ancient wabi-sabi aesthetics.

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❥ Dishwasher, microwave, oven safe.

❥ Specs: Diameter x Height

2.99in x 3.07in

❥ Capacity: 7.1oz (210ml)

❥ Material: Porcelain

❥ Made in Japan

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