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Bronzy Green-Blue w/ Lid

Bronzy Green-Blue w/ Lid

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Behold the artistic craftsmanship, our featured wood fired mugs and cups you will find no two are identical.

Wood fired ceramic has been existing for thousands of years. Its randomly fallen ashes and the fire marks formed on the craft make it one of a kind.

Controlled by various time, temperatures and the position in kiln during burning process, and also depends on the clay mixtures, the ashes form different colors and make colorful luster.

It requires seasoned and skillful artisans juggling amongst time, temperatures and firewood sizes....and so forth for desired pattern, and takes at least 5 days to finish one of this Wabi-Sabi aesthetic ceramic art piece.

Due to strictly high temperature burned on the ceramic at above 1,350 degree celsius while making the crafts, they then soften the water when being used for beverage. We believe it translates to a better taste of coffee.

Even used for a greater taste of whisky too, try it out!

❤︎ Wood fired mugs and cups shine in different colors under different light sources.

More details

❥ 100% natural material, handmade, no artificial color

❥ not microwavable

❥ hand wash with cloth and mild detergent

❥ measurement:

diameter x height (without lid)

3 in (7.6cm) x 3.6 in (9.2cm)

❥ 250 ml

❥ Made in Taiwan

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