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ORIGAMI Barrel Aroma Mug (Matte)

ORIGAMI Barrel Aroma Mug (Matte)

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Handmade in Japan!

Born with baristas' wish, ORIGAMI Barrel Aroma Mug is a well known ceramic style Mino ware (Mino-yaki), a style of ceramics that dates back over 1,000 years in Japan.

MIno-yaki requires skillful Japanese artisans using high-density, heat-retaining Japanese clay to handcraft any objects (mainly tablewares).

The Barrel Aroma series mugs are meticulously designed and calculated to provide an unprecedented coffee aroma experience.

The barrel shape mug keeps coffee aroma just like a wine barrel to keep aroma of wine.

ORIGAMI is one of most popular Japanese ceramic area brands and its quality is no doubt.

The wide variety of color options add another attraction to the products lines.

❤︎ So...Pick one today to match your other ORIGAMI collections!

More details

❥ Dishwasher, microwave, oven safe.

❥ Specs: Diameter x Width x Height

3.35in x 4.33in x 3.54in

❥ Weight: 8oz (226.8g)

❥ Capacity: 10.8oz (320ml)

❥ Material: Porcelain

❥ Made in Japan

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